Wardrobe Maintenance 101 x Felixol Color Safe Oxygen Bleach.

It doesn’t take a medicine degree to know that when it comes to crisis management, prevention is invariably better than cure guys! But no! This is not a medical post 😏 We’re only taking a lead out of the doctor’s book to remind ourselves how important it is to take care of our clothes!

I figured it’s been a minute since we talked about how wardrobe maintenance .. how to make sure your clothes last longer! Because really guys, it’s just as important as styling them properly right?

I’ve put together a few important tips that’ll suit every wardrobe with a few recommendations of some products I use myself 😊

– Try to use your shoe trees, they’ll add years to your footwear.

– Getting overzealous with the washing machine is just about the fastest track to reducing your most-loved garms to a pile of scrap. Don’t wash your clothes too often guys!

– Know When To Fold, And When To Hang

– Make savvy fabric selections from the get-go.

These and many more which we’ll still address in the future are some of the ways we can maintain our wardrobes.

Now speaking of washing, there’s a product I’m very fond of, because it’s tested and trusted really. I don’t joke with maintaining my clothes ( sometimes they cost a lot of money Lol ) so I try to use the best soaps and bleaches I can get .. proper fragrance, doesn’t fade, bubbles effectively etc

Felixol Color Safe Oxygen bleach is my go to bleach for removing stains, sanitizing, and brightening the colors of my fabrics and I’m particularly impressed because it’s Nigerian made #BuyNigerian .. so that’s a recommendation guys 😊

Thank you for reading as always 😊 Feel free to check the flyer and patronize the company! Have a blessed day ❤️

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  1. Fantastic product. Able to soak all my work shirts both colours and whites. Get rid of ring around the collar and wrists. Thumbs up.

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