Velvet & Tassle Loafers Season x Jesu Segun London x Ifeanyi Nwune Official x Westbrook Bracelets

A country house shoe, or a Norwegian’s favoured style of footwear? There’s been a lot of talk as to where the loafer’s style of footwear comes from but whatever you consider to be the true origins of the contemporary loafer, what’s indisputable is it’s timeless and skilful blend of comfort and flair.

Unlike the holy footwear trinity of brogues, Derbies and Oxfords, loafers are often hugely underrated, written off as flamboyantly ‘dandy’ or too difficult to pull off with any real degree of success.

In truth, these slip-on styles are anything but. Being laceless, they’re practical, and with plenty of options, from traditional penny versions to luxuriously finished horsebit numbers, just like the pair used for this editorial .. With loafers, there’s really something to suit every taste.

As we probably know, there are different kinds of loafers, from the traditional penny loafers, to horse bit loafers and tassel loafers, the latter being heavily in trend this season!

You’re probably wondering that it’s unlike me to start my editorials talking about footwear, but this is an exception because the entire look happens to be centered around the shoes.

I’m wearing a gorgeous pair of Unique Tassle Loafers which has been crafted to absolute perfection by the Nigerian Shoe Brand based in London, Jesu-Segun London, and for someone that has a profound love for good shoes, this pair went straight up to my favorite list!!

There are but a few things to take very importantly when talking about men’s shoes of any kind .. Some of which are, the material, the fit, and the finishing. Great shoes have all these gotten spot on! And these loafers aren’t an exception.

It’s one thing to have an amazing pair of shoes on, it’s another thing to style it to perfection, and that brings us to the rest of this look. By now, it’s no news that we are official in “Velvet Season” .. From looks on the runways, to fashion forward editorials, among others, velvet is absolutely a major trend this season and why not?

Luxuriously smooth, soft to the touch and always equipped with a subtle sheen, velvet is a statement fabric that will get you noticed .. And just like in every other thing, getting noticed is a two way thing, get it right and you’re an epitome of understated opulence, but mess it up and you might end up looking like a woeful throwback to a bad, 1970s-flavoured acid trip.

But it’s really not rocket science guys, this look is a much more simple and laid back one than most others but that’s a perfect place to start.

For this look, I teamed my velvet jacket (By The Ifeanyi Nwune Brand) with a pair of casual skinny distressed jeans a smart button-down shirt (in a colour that doesn’t detract from the velvet focal point), detailed accessories (Bracelets by West Brook Bracelets) and added the finishing touch with the more dramatic snakeskin tassle loafers (By Shoe Brand, Jesu Segun London ) .. Monochrome look maybe, but surely one that doesn’t distract the attention from the velvet jacket.

So guys, if we aren’t already, let’s get a bit more dramatic and daring in the foot wear department, a bespoke pair of Tassle loafers is definitely not over the top, and for the Velvet trend, what do you think? Does it win your vote?

Shoes – @jesusegunlondon
Jacket – @i.n.official
Photography – @koldiebanks
Bracelets – @westbrookbracelets

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