U P T O W N – A Street Style Editorial.

Dressed down tailoring, prints,casual styling and detailed accessorizing are probably some of the corner stones of impeccable street style! Seen again and again over the years, re-invented in a thousand and one ways by the fashion forward folk, especially at the fashion havens of street style .. The Fashion weeks season, from New York to Pitti Uomo, Milan, London, South Africa and even here, our very own Nigeria!

It’s not news that street style is always in business, all round the year, there really isn’t any season that’s specific to street style, rather it revolves around every season, what then makes our street style, as Africans, identifiable.

Before we go there, you’re probably wondering why this editorial is called uptown. Popular word right? Lol Uptown Funk maybe? I’m certain you’ve heard of downtown also, in our very brief English lesson today, uptown means residential, downtown means commercial .. Makes sense yet? Yes! I know too 😉 .. You wouldn’t want to turn up in casual street style to the office now, would you? So Nope, not downtown, uptown!

From split separates to tailored looks teamed with performance wear, menswear has given Savile Row pomp its orders! But then comes the question of identity. African Style really can’t be done better than us Africans y’know? Why not put infuse a piece of detail, or even the entire outfit in a thoroughly African or Afrocentric fashion.

The concept behind this look is rather obviously “Dressed Down Tailoring” .. A tailored jacket, paired with distressed jeans, a pair of Chelsea boots, a fedora hat, and a shirt (Made in Ankara – Identity, ladies and gentlemen) 👌🏼

Particularly enjoyed this look because there was something different about it, and that I appreciate 😊

So if you find yourself, uptown, in familiar environs, or even the unfamiliar, make an effort to express your identity through your style, after all, that’s why we love fashion, endless expression!

Thank you so much for reading guys, I appreciate your support always, feel free to drop a comment, I love hearing back from you, what do you think? It’s just one click away 😉

Have a wonderful week 😊 .. Wish you the very best! God bless you ❤️

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  1. Love this afrocentric editorial …yh we must Make our very own Africa nation proud through out outfit.. this is an inspiration

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