Tuxedo Royalty x Koch House

The tuxedo has been a staple for formal wear for decades without changing. The rich history of this formal piece of clothing is as interesting as it is stylish.

You may think that a tuxedo is as conservative, and as formal as you can get, but the tux, was the result of a sartorial revolution.

A tuxedo is a classic no matter what, if you’re off to a posh do then you need to know how to wear one, and it’s not as tricky as you’d think.

This editorial is a collaboration with Nigerian Men’s wear brand .. KOCH HOUSE (@kochhouse_ ) and it features a series of tuxedos with aesthetics and detailing at its very best.

First off is this tuxedo that certainly looks and feels like royalty. A purple piece tailored to perfection.

Now it’s unlikely that your work requires you to wear a tux everyday (unless you’re 007), but there comes a time in a man’s life when he has to go somewhere really fancy. When that happens a tuxedo is really the only clothing option, and as long as you know exactly how to pull one off, it’s not that much of a pain to wear

Although black is the most common style, you don’t need to be restricted to the look if you’d rather go for something else, and that is exactly what we have done with this look by going for Pirple, but still, whatever color it may be, the rules are the same, Master the Art, Keppy is simply, Keep it fancy, Execute!!

I styled this look with a white shirt, patent black shoes, a black cummerbund and a special black neck piece .. Notice how I stayed within the tenets of styling a tuxedo but somewhat flaunting mastery with the choice of accessories .. that is one way you can make any tuxedo look even more special.

Quick word on a cummerbund, if you follow my posts, you probably already know that when styling a tuxedo, it’s either a waist coat or a cummerbund, today, I picked the cummerbund.

The cummerbund has gone slightly out of fashion, but if you don’t want something as bulky as a waistcoat then it might be a good option. Traditionally it should be the same colour as your lapels, so try to avoid anything coloured, especially if you’re at something formal, like a wedding. A cummerbund is great if you don’t want to cover up the whole of your shirt, and instead prefer a cleaner, streamlined look.

Thank you for reading guys, if you’re motivated to add a tux to your wardrobe 😉 .. I highly recommend @kochhouse_ .. Amazing tuxedo, this one.

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