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Smart-casual: two diametrically opposed terms, yoked together by a hyphen to mean… something located somewhere in the vast, nebulous gulf between the two poles.

An unholy matrimony of antonyms, smart-casual is ill-defined and even less well understood by most men, but today’s editorial aims at making it just less ambiguous, what really does smart-casual mean, this outfit has 4 main components that when put together is one way, probably even the easiest way to interpret smart-casual.

These components include the Blazer, the White Tee shirt, the Jeans and the Loafers. Of course, we all know there are a lot of different ways to wear a blazer, if you go through previous posts, I’ve worn a lot of blazers, in many different ways, there’s nothing casual about styling a blazer with a tie, a pair of tailored pants and oxford shoes. But in an outfit like this, where the same blazer is styled with a Crew neck T shirt, a pair of jeans and loafers, definitely casual. See the difference?

Personally, smart-casual is my favorite way to travel, if it’s cold, you can simply throw on an overcoat, but then, if you are truly stylish, you will definitely be concerned about every part of your outfit, your travelling bag inclusive.

Travelling in style is not only about what you’re wear, how about what you’re carrying? I collaborated with my favorite Nigerian made Bag brand, and we selected this CARRY ON TRAVELLING BAG for travel style inspiration.

No, your gym bag won’t do. Even if it’s an hour-long domestic flight you’re boarding, a nylon barrel bag won’t cut the mustard.

Compact carry-on luggage is essential when travelling guys, while classic holdalls and weekend bags – particularly in leather – will never date.

There are usually two main options when it comes to carry-on luggage: soft shell and hard shell. Soft shell styles – a classic weekender or tote in black or brown leather – work well if travelling for pleasure, when you don’t need all of the practical features of a wheeled hard shell suitcase, or you haven’t got as much stuff to shift, the Coz bag in this editorial is the perfect example.

A hard shell, wheeled carry-on suitcase, however, will allow you to pack a couple of days’ worth of wardrobe and toiletry essentials neatly and securely. You’ll also – provided you ensure the case is manufactured to airline carry-on size specifications – save yourself the embarrassment of having to check-in a bulging weekender, and pay handsomely for the privilege too.

While considering all this, don’t forget to BUY NIGERIAN.

Thank you for reading guys, feel free to drop your comments, I’d love to know what you think. God bless you.


Carry On bag – @Cozdeisgns
Jacket – @Bankolethomasofficial
Tee – @Zerahtees
Shoes – @Decui

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