TIENTE – A Fashion Editorial x Sapphire by Tieri

Color is a power which directly influences the soul, mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

TIENTE is a fashion editorial in collaboration with Nigerian Fashion brand – Sapphire by Tieri.

It is an editorial inspired by colors, especially in the season of valentine. The outfits comprise of multicolored fabrics tailored into suits, dresses and play suits, an expression of the versatility of the brand.

From a male perspective, it seems that we have an innate disposition compared to our female counterparts when it comes to colour. It scares us. Confuses us. Gives us that dizzy feeling not unlike vertigo. This often results in the modern day man we see who prefers to stick to neutral tones like black, white and grey, but this editorial features colorful looks for both males and females, which proves that we shouldn’t be scared of colors.

The first outfit exudes class, featuring a tuxedo and a ball gown, and the second look has a more casual vibe, featuring a play suit and a casual shirt. This editorial is the top of the iceberg as the pieces are from the recently launched collection by the brand Sapphire by Tieri called ‘La Tiente’

In the words of the creative director ”

LOVE as we know, is shown in variation, so we decided to play with a few ‘colours of love’.
For each pair of outfit, we take the man a bit out of the expected plain combinations, with his lady complementing the hue.

After all, “la vie est trop coutre pour porter des vêtements ennuyeux”
“life is too short to wear boring clothes”.

Now let’s appreciate the aesthetics as we take a visual journey of class and flamboyance flaunted in these images.

Outfits – @sapphirebytieri
Female model – @teminikan__
Photography – @mide_wey

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