The Ultimate Dapper Afrocentrism x Cresencio Ferreira x San Brnks x Gbenga Art Smith.

The Power of Navy – There are some things that every man looks good in. Whether it’s a pair of dark selvedge denim jeans, a white dress shirt or solid black suit, certain pieces and styles work for any guy who is willing to try them.

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There are a few colors which fall into this category too – but none more so than Navy. It’s a universally loved hue within men’s style, due to it being able to anchor more adventurous hues as well as make a statement on its own when combined with a unique design or texture.


It was no news that a Navy blue suit was heavily in trend, it’s one of those timeless pieces that never goes out of style actually, but then, that might mean that there’s nothing spectacular about wearing one, or not?


You’d probably imagine that if you wanted to wear a navy blue suit to a fashion event, of a magnitude such as that of the Lagos Fashion and Design week, then you’d definitely want to go for the spectacular! So how then do you pull off a Navy Blue suit without looking ordinary?


Photo – Bella Naija

I’ve recently been exploring the Afrocentric trend, in different new ways, mostly because of the message of African Fashion it passes across ever so well, and this outfit is a well put together Afrocentric look.


Navy is the one hue that allows for adventure, and afrocentrism being Adventure at its very peak meant that it was a great idea to combine African prints and Fabric tailored to perfection in ‘Western Fashion’.


First, The Jacket.

Custom made Double breasted Navy Blue Jacket by the Nigerian Menswear Brand – CRESCENCIO FERREIRA and tailored to perfection, with perfect fit and quality fabric! (Never overlook the Fabric guys, its very important). The Afrocentric catch about this jacket, like you might have noticed, lies in the detailing, with the pockets made with the classical African Fabric, ‘Aso-Oke’.


The shirt and the pants, made from ‘Ankara’, another classical African Fabric,by SAN BRNKS, were also tailored like any other formal shirt and pants would have been, and why noT?


All set, attention shifts to the details, with a lapel accessory, hand crafted by creative genius ‘Gbenga Art Smith’ made of a gold chain and a coral bead expressing Afrocentrism, even to the simplest of details.


And there!! we just created a spectacular Afrocentric look. So guys, if you like what you see, feel free to contact any of the geniuses that put this outfit together.


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