The Dunes Experience – What Really is Luxury?

What really is Luxury? A state of great comfort maybe? or elegance! most times involving great expense. My invite for ‘The Dunes Experience’ which happened at The Dunes Center, Maitama, Abuja came with the dress code ‘GLAM’ for most of the events, and so, of course I had high expectations of a Luxurious event, but somehow, they still managed to blow my mind!

I had such a great time and got the chance to hang out all weekend with some of my old friends, new friends and new people and for that, I am really grateful. Christmas definitely came early! The organization and the hospitality we received from everyone at the Dunes Center was amazing, second to none, and that’s not just a couple of words. Vivienne, Bimpe, Happiness, Nikki, Jekwu, Mr. Kola, Kayla, Favour, Cassie, Jane, Oge, Godson, Zed Eye, you guys are all amazing people!! Thank you.

Let’s go on a ride guys, let me tell you all about my Dunes Experience, from all my outfit details to all the activities that we partook in 🙂

First was taking off, and of course there’s an outfit for that too 😉 .. Rather Casual so I wore a custom made jacket by Obed Clothiers, and I styled it with a Cedarwood Denim shirt and distressed jeans off Asos.

Touch Down Abuja! THE SUN WAS HELLA DIFFERENT, I was sure the sun at Lagos wasn’t as hot as this one! Lol that’s a joke but yeah, it was a smooth flight thankfully, and my suite at the Dunes was gorgeous!

First event was the masquerade ball that evening, and I was actually excited about this one, it was a ball which meant Classic, Fun and of course, Glam! So I thought to keep it classic by selecting Monochrome as my palette, Black and White, with just a bit of Burgundy details to spice things up, Stiped black and white pants would still be the same palette but a lot more fun than basic black would have been, so, Sure! My jacket is by Obed Clothiers and the pants by @sanks_official .. Shoes by @infamous_glennjudo.

The ball was a lot of fun, food, and good music. I absolutely loved it!

Day 2 started with the tour of the very luxurious First floor at the Dunes Center, this was basically a Huge Fashion Floor .. Could pass for a fashion heaven y’know 🙂 .. Stores stocked with fashion products from Major fashion brands across the world, and as you might predict, i took major interest in the menswear section .. From Roberto Cavalli, to Gucci, Prada, Versace, just name it .. I highly recommend the store guys, especially if you’re in Abuja, you should check it out sometime, Thank me later.

I was Smart Casual for the tour, denim shirt with an inner river island tee, distressed jeans and a pair of corporate slip on leather loafers.

And then the major event later that evening, the grand opening of the Nigerian floor and the Fashion Show .. First, my outfit, the major attraction was the pants so I styled the look to command the attention. The patterned pants are by @sanks_official , jacket from asos, denim shirt from cedarwood state, pretty appropraite for a fashion show.

The show was all sorts of beautiful, from the floor itself, packed with strictly Nigerian fashion products to the lovely ready to wear outfits on the runway, everything was actually well put together, by far one of the best I’ve been to 🙂

So there it is guys .. And oh yes! we had a treasure hunt much later where we were to solve a riddle and i won a Roberto Cavalli wallpaper haha! Lol it was really a lovely weeekend, and you should totally check out The Dunes Center when you’re in the F.C.T, especially if you’re a fashion lover 😉

And One more thing guyss, let’s come back to Lagos 😅 .. It’s an honor to be a part of a great movement that merges Fashion with Charity, to help impact lives, and this one is called “Walk on water” .. So let’s come impact lives, let’s walk on water on the 17th of December at the Petit Paris Cafe, Lekki Phase 1 😊

Photos by Kola Oshalusi

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