The Debonaire collection.

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing great 🙂 .. So today i’m talking about one of the collections I’ve styled and I wanna let you guys in on some of the things I did.

The Debonaire collection is by the clothing line brnks clothing and the lookbook was styled by Akin Faminu.


A debonaire person is a courteous, sophisticated and charming person and that’s what the pieces mean to depict. Inspired by the inculcation of African prints into a variety of outcomes from the simple classy person to the daring.

The collection, embellished with colourful prints and styled to the fingertips offers an adventure of aesthetics.

The idea was to use unique African prints, make it comfortable for the ideal lover of African prints but at the Same time make it look not so African. Yeah, it’s African prints but you can wear it to wherever, a formal occasion, an evening event, casually, to a fashion show, name it, so I tried to project that to a reasonable extent.

The first look is the rather ideal formal look so I used braces/suspenders, Oxford shoes, a collar chain and a leather portfolio to that effect.



The other guy had a rather casual look, used the prints for the pant trousers with a little bit of plain detail at it’s end, the Same as the shirt. A collar tip and suede loafers as well.


We Wanted to keep the girl’s looks as simple as possible in the third and fourth looks, personally always Seen simplicity as the keystone of all elegance really.
A simple print gown in the third, accessories, neck and wrist pieces ensuring elegance even in simplicity and heels. I love a woman in heels!



The fourth was also very simple, a printed skirt and a crop top.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading and probably picked up one or two things, I’ll add some more pictures from the lookbook. Feel free to drop your comments, let’s know what you think 🙂

And I was featured as a Style Star on Style me Africa a couple of days ago, Yay! Lol anyway here’s the link,

So have a great day guys, be yourselves and do what you love. Adios.



Clothing line – Brnks clothing
Fashion stylist – Akin Faminu
Photography – Chibijas photography.

40 thoughts on “The Debonaire collection.

  1. cool african combination. l wudnt mind adding those to my collections.. buh the socks tho… dnt fink it goes well wid …

  2. The post comment button is actually not easy to find..i can’t find mine unless I see previous comments…pls fix it. thanks

  3. I’d work on that Ihuoma, thank you 🙂 .. and thanks anonymous, Lol but the socks aren’t just for fancy, it’s a detail that’s actually serving a purpose in the outfit.

  4. yeah i did love the socks bro. just imagining if u were on a swade shoezzz/an ankara sandals; no socks tho. nd yh how do i get these collectionz nd d swade bold butterfly bold tie. so in love with d tie u wore at th LSFW..

  5. Thanks Coco! Lol appreciate it, saw your comment on your blog too, yeah asking questions is very helpful, everybody must have learnt that by now

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