The Curious Case of African Prints x Obed clothiers x Rene styles

Hey guyss 😊 .. So first of all, just in case you’re tired of seeing men’s fashion all the time on this website, I decided that my next editorial (which is this one), would be a collaboration with a stylish female style blogger and it was perfect timing when @renestyles was going to be in the country, so here you have it guys! A new double dose collaboration 🔥

Be proud of where you’re from, your heritage and roots, because that’s exactly what it’s all about. These notions of belonging to a place and a community are values that have become more and more popular among fashion labels, and they’re having a field day with the idea of belonging.

Africans belonging to today’s Diaspora, are undergoing a real return to their roots, born not of a label’s well-orchestrated marketing campaign, but of an absence — and subsequent need for validation — of their cultural heritage. A need to know and learn more about it, and more importantly, to assert its validity and importance and fashion is a major player in this sense of belonging.

African prints are more in vogue that ever, especially internationally and I am particularly an enthusiast of promoting African fashion. The vibrant colors and distinct patterns printed on our fabrics are some of the unique qualities that can be harnessed to indeed create a fashion statement using African prints.

These prints are bold and bright. Wear them at an event and you’re guaranteed to land on the best-dressed list for being a fashion daredevil. If you’re African, you’ve probably guessed what these prints are. A West African such as myself may simply refer to them as ankara, others wax but the media, both fashion and mainstream has chosen to refer to these patterns, textiles and prints inspired by various African countries as simply “African” or more vaguely and cringe worthy, “tribal” prints.

Now that we have established that African prints are heavily in trend, let’s talk about styling using this outfit as a point of reference.

It’s no news that most African prints are characterized by how busy and vibrant they are, for the less daring fashion person, this might constitute a problem, as unanswered questions like “how do I play safe?” “What do I pair with this” always seem to ensue.

There are two basic ways such prints can be styled, one would be a safer option of using one of the colors of the prints as a template to style the outfit (like I did here), or the more daring option of mixing prints. (this is an art which must be understood before attempting)

For this look, I went with the simpler option, and the template color I picked was navy blue, evident in the shirt and shoes. A template color gives the look in its entirety a sense of calm, class and control!

In the nearest future, I’ll put together a look where the other option of mixing prints will be done, and we’ll chat about the do’s and dont’s of mixing them, but till then, a template would be the wisest decision in styling vibrant African prints.

So there you have it – in my opinion, this trend of African prints, displaying the theme of belonging is gaining public support. It speaks to the very heart of this generation. This fashion trend can only become stronger, because success is born of opportunism and feeds on marketing ideas and actions which aim to make the trend last and as it becomes stronger, you have the responsibility of doing it RIGHT!

I shot this editorial in collaboration with a gorgeous style blogger (as you can see 😉) .. @renestyles .. Check out her BLOG guys! .. I particularly loved the subtle connection and coordination, both with the colors of the outfits and the shooting itself .. it was lovely taking these amazing shots with her 😊 .. and these photographs were taken of course by my bro .. Creative Genius @thelexash.

Thank you for reading guys 😊 .. God bless you ❤️

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  1. seeing this gives me confidence and i think thats what style is all’ve done a nice one @akin. am your fan

  2. Calling this super cool is an understatement. Really this is sweet.

    I don’t know if I can get your permission to add this to my updated list of ankara styles for men..

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