The Camel Hue x Infamous Shoes

Hey guys 😀 … how are we doing? Hope we had a great week? I’m sure we did. I put a little something together for us this weekend to add something new to your Style diaries.


So today, I’d like for us to discuss one of the most popular and easiest hues to wear and how to wear it as well and I’m talking about the Camel hue. For this editorial, I used a camel hued overcoat because it’s been a major trend this season if you’ve noticed. The camel hue has become increasingly popular for overcoats especially and even though in this part of the world, you don’t get to wear overcoats everyday so you don’t get baked Lol, nonetheless some days could be cold or some places overly air conditioned, or you just might be travelling out during the A/W season so you definitely want to know how to stylishly pull off your look and for readers in the not so warm parts of the world, well this comes more in handy for you 😉



Camel is a timeless hue that’s able to bring a stylish and sophisticated edge to any ensemble, casual or formal, could be as a luxurious overcoat like in this post or simply as part of your formal attire as well placed accessories.

Camel has been in the Men’s fashion game for a long time, spanning through different trends as it’s one of the most versatile colours to incorporate in your wardrobe. There are also different shades of the Camel hue, the darker ones like this one and the brighter shades and this even adds more to it’s versatility.

For a dapper gentleman, the overcoat is actually the most acceptable addition to your outfit at lower temperatures. It maintains the impeccable look, makes it even better actually. The versatility of a camel overcoat also allows for a wide range of addition of details to your outfit.


The Camel hue is softer than Brown so use of colours like Brown, black, grey, white and the like would look dashing. With suit colours like Black and navy blue, camel overcoats also fit perfectly. It can also come as the Suit itself, a blazer, or as other accessories like Hats, socks, belts, pocket squares, etc and details, when used properly will definitely slay the look.



The overcoat can also be styled casually for example using it with all white, turtle neck and distressed jeans with a nice pair of boots.

So guys, if you don’t already have something camel in your wardrobe, I strongly advice you get one and you’ll Thank me later 😉



And now the Shoesssss!


The beautiful pair of trending Suede Double monk strap shoes I used to complement the camel overcoat was made by The Infamous Brand by Glenn Judo.
Infamous is a brand already known for making spot on and quality men’s shoes of different types at affordable prices.
I was particularly impressed with the fitting and finishing of infamous shoes, with attention paid to every detail just like I love it 😀 so if you’re thinking of getting a new pair of shoes, I’d recommend this brand as one of your very valid options.


To place an order, you can reach them on
Instagram – @infamous_glennjudo
Twitter – @misterjudo_

So have a lovely weekend guys, make the most of it and be safe 🙂

Feel free to drop your comments and these amazing photos were taken by my bro Fifo Adebakin of XLT Media,
Instagram – @Thefifographer

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40 thoughts on “The Camel Hue x Infamous Shoes

  1. You look great dear… the camel coat is becoming a staple but in this country you would just due of heat. The shoes are amazing, recommending this for every guy I know now. The tie just spices everything up. A piece in camel is definitely essential now.

  2. As its the trend now; you’re on a slaying spree… Nice post as always fam and Keep doing you. To be honest, I am eagerly anticipating what’s next from you… All da best ..:) #Cray

  3. The maker ,the colour,….All these are secondary to me BUT when you talking about A MONK DOUBLE STRAP SHOE(turns head sharply to face you)brother, you’ve got my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

  4. Thank you Ronke 🙂 and lol they actually do, I’ve seen a few Double monk strap female shoes, and Yup! With heels.

  5. u look amazing! love those shoes!so beautiful!ur doing great Akin,keep it up dear

  6. Omg I literally mouthed ‘YASSS’ reading this in the library. Love love love this! So spot on from the hat down to those double monks! *_*

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