The Art of Power Dressing For the Modern Man

The concept of ‘power dressing’ feels obsolete in this day and age. Some people would argue that 21st-century power dressing is wearing what you want: you’re so rich and important that nobody’s going to call you on it. But nobody’s going to respect you for it either. If you actively want to wear bad clothes, what does that say about you?

True power dressing is about demonstrating mastery, not flaunting your wealth or peacocking. It’s showing that you know how to play by the rules, and bend them to your will. It’s knowledge of what’s appropriate: not dressing like a teenager when you’re the boss, or ‘for the job you want’ when you’re still on coffee duty. Because knowledge, after all, is power.

For today’s editorial, I’ll be focusing on some of the precepts of contemporary power dressing – Let’s start with the DOUBLE BREASTED SUIT.

Whoever decided less is more clearly hadn’t considered the jacket. Not to knock single-breasted blazers, but in the being-the-best-dressed-man-in-the-room stakes, two breasts are definitely better than one.

A DB takes styling skill, confidence and a perfect fit to pull off, which is why not many try. It’s a subtle but has an unmistakable flex that stands out just enough in the stuffiest boardroom – or trendiest ‘breakout space’. DBs are beloved of contrary fashion types, precisely because they have a reputation for being difficult.

A DB is also literal power dressing; it adds visual heft to your upper body. Perfection right?

Another Precept would be Footwear .. GOOD, CLEAN FOOTWEAR. They say good shoes take you to good places, from personal experience, this is not an idiom, it can actually be literal.

Firstly, quality. You can tell a pair of well-made shoes the second they step into a room. And often the price difference to cheaply made isn’t that steep – especially if you consider that you’ll be replacing those cheaply made shoes inside of a year, as opposed to just getting them resoled. Keep your shoes clean, go for the classic shoes, from brogues to oxford, or tasseled loafers, just like the pair in this editorial. Your shoes are always a statement. Remember that.

Now, let’s talk about GOOD TIMING! By this, I don’t mean how fast you wear your clothes, Lol Of course not, what I mean is your Time Piece ( I prefer to call it that, for some reason, wrist watch sounds boring ). There’s an important point I want to bring to your notice guys, You don’t have to own an arm’s worth of watches: one good timepiece can suffice. But then. you should have chosen it carefully, simplicity the keyword for maximum versatility.

I particularly selected this Plain black and gold Daniel Wellington time piece for this editorial, it is everything I’m talking about, Simple, Classy, Perfect! Never overlook your timepiece guys, Never!

If you have a mastery of all I’ve said, Congratulations, you just earned your first degree in Power Dressing, but then, there’s still a long way to go, after all, we learn everyday. Also, pay special attention to your HAIRCUT and your SCENT. Keep your hair neat and clean, and trust me, you want to smell good, ALWAYS! If you aren’t already married, you never know who’s watching 😉

Thank you so much for reading guys, I appreciate your audience. Don’t keep all of this information to yourself, recommend this page to somebody, a friend or maybe a colleague, and if you’re a lady, you definitely want your man to read this. Don’t forger to engage me, drop a comment, what do you think, do you have something to add? I’ll always appreciate input.

Thank you and have a blessed day.


Photography – @TheLexash
DB – @Tayussleekclothings
Shoes – @Emperor_soles
Wrist Watch – @Danielwellington

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  1. The suit is so good, I agree with Trevor, you write so well, I was really feeling what I was reading, amazing.

  2. Written with so such mastery and audacity that can only come from akin faminu. This is wonderful. I see u are in the sky already😀

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