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Hey guys, how are we doing? Trust we had a wonderful weekend? Welcome to the new week, wish everyone the best the week has to offer.

So today, let’s have a chat about something that’s pretty much overlooked in this part of the world, probably
because we spontaneously feel it’s only purpose is intertwined with a sort of weather we don’t have here, or just because it’s something extra, whatever the reason is, I’d like us to read this with an open mind, and chances are that you’ll have a different perspective after this editorial.

When the world ‘scarf’ is mentioned, a fashion forward person should first of all, think individuality, rather that weather. It’s true that menswear is often built around rigid rules and strict codes, but what if you fancy switching things up now and again by adding a dose of personality to your formal looks?

The good news is that the limitations of tailoring are actually strengths; a good suit is a blank canvas for you to customize, and styling with a scarf is definitely one way to paint on your style canvas.

It’s also true that it’s an underrated choice, scarves aren’t just there to keep you warm – we’re talking pure decoration in the most luxurious sense. The slightly rakish touch a silk scarf brings to an ensemble makes it a particularly debonair accessory that, while not always the easiest to pull off, promises major style points if you manage to nail it.

How then do you nail it? Let’s take this look as a sort of case study guys, certain things should be avoided, while other things encouraged when styling an outfit with a scarf. You don’t want to make a messy situation with prints, if your outfit already has patterns all over, go for a simple plain scarf, or add spice and color to a neutral suit with a dramatic scarf, like the red plaid scarf with the neutral grey suit in this editorial.

Black, white, red and green versions are best for evening engagements (worn draped over the shoulders or tied loosely around the neck) and go well with deep colored suits and tuxedos from midnight blue to black. Scarves in softer hues and more vibrant prints, on the other hand, can be used for daylight hours and work well with tailoring in white, light grey and pastel shades.

And also, as always, we should never forget every other part of the outfit. From the shoes, to the time piece, lapel accessory etc. There’s no use going the extra mile with a scarf if the basics aren’t right in the first place.

So guys, wearing a scarf is first of all a way of owning and individualizing your formal wear than it is an accessory for the weather. Own your style! Go the extra mile.

I’d love to hear from you guys, how do you make your formal wear your own? Do you already use scarves occasionally?

Suit by @tayussleekclothings

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  1. Like you said it’s considered only for weather go to’s, but it’s good to sometimes tweak the rules from the ‘normal’. Nice post Style-god.

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