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In our relentless quest for individuality we can often convince ourselves to do things that we might later live to regret. It could be our experimentation with colour that results in some awful ‘Skittles’ inspired outfits or it could be dabbling in the more avant-garde circles of fashion that make us look back with horror. But whatever crime we commit, as long as we learn from it, every mistake can do some good.

Individuality is the way we mark ourselves out from the crowd; it is the thing that makes what we are wearing just that little bit better than what someone else is wearing. When in full hipster mode I like to think that because I wear bright, colorful socks, it differentiates me from the white socked masses. When I’m rocking timeless and classic, I would hope that my attention to the finer details pushes my outfit up yet another notch.

More often than not it’s the little touches that make the biggest impact. Darkening the toe on your brogues, wearing a bold pocket square, a pop of colour on the wrist; these minor distinctions will stick in people’s minds.

Prints are now a firmly established menswear favorite. Every high street store and brand (big or small) is pushing the current pattern trend for all it’s worth – so much so that I don’t think it’s possible to walk down a street without seeing someone wearing prints.

But wearing prints is not something to be taken lightly. Our old friend confidence plays a huge role in the success we have when wearing them. Prints are a bold statement, especially on a larger scale, and any kind of second guessing will make you look uncomfortable. Awkwardness is extremely difficult to hide.

Print items make for great statement pieces; they don’t really require much forward planning and they simply replace something more restrained. My personal favorite is the print shirt – easy to wear and anchor and ridiculously simple to incorporate into almost any existing outfit. With a huge variety available at every price point at the moment there really isn’t a reason not to get involved.

I got this print shirt from @shopjumiafashion and just like I mentioned earlier, print shirts are so easy to style when you know your onions. Styled this with a jacket and pants after carefully selecting the color components on my shirt ( Yup! That’s a tip ), and of course with statement shoes and accessories, all of which i got from Jumia as well. You can shop all these items HERE by the way, they’re ridiculously affordable.

The best advice I could give to anyone contemplating prints is this: work them in and then forget about them. See it as just another part of a well put together outfit. You’ve made a deliberate choice to wear the item in question so put it on and then leave it alone, constantly checking yourself in any reflective surface is a sure sign of discomfort. Be confident that you made the right choice when you pulled it on in the morning and feel proud of your achievement when you take it off in the evening.

Thank you for reading guys, love you as always, Feel free to drop your comments, I’d love to know what you think.

Photography by @mide_wey

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