SIMPLICITY x Minuel Faleti Shoes x San Brnks

Hi guyss 😊 how are you doing?? I know I’ve been away for a minute, I’m sorry guys, it’s been a really challenging few weeks at the hospital lately, but y’know, God always has a way of making things happen .. You just gotta trust him, He’s amazing guys .. For real 😉 .. Lol yeah yeah, I know I’m preaching but … Word!

Three things today guys, African, Contemporary, Casual! It’s unusual of me to just wear a shirt and pants for an editorial, but this time, that was exactly what I wanted to do.

Diversity. We should never streamline our thoughts, neither should we ever box our creativity. African Fabric has a thousand and one ways it can be worn, from the normal traditional style, to suits, and even, just a casual shirt and pants.

Simplicity, they say, is the keynote of all elegance and modern style really is all about simplicity, but with a twist here and there. For this look, the shoes!

I’m wearing shoes crafted to perfection by the Nigerian brand, Minuel Faleti (@minuelfaleti) .. A brand I particularly like because of its simplicity. Shoes must never be an afterthought, as there’re just as important as the outfit itself, in truth, they are a part of the outfit. Even the ones whose primary purpose is to keep you looking Casual, Decent and Simple like these ones, or maybe the ones that a life to monochrome outfits.

My outfit was also tailored by @sanbrnks .. And these amazing photos by @dolaposh

Thank you as always for reading guysss 🙂 .. Feel free to drop your comments, I appreciate them as always.

16 thoughts on “SIMPLICITY x Minuel Faleti Shoes x San Brnks

  1. Lovely, the way you paired the shoes just brought out the beauty of the outfit really, more of this

  2. Akin this is wonderful.. Everything is perfect. I love the Minuel Faleti Shoes. Sorry about the hospital challenges… I can really relate too as a medical student.. It’s not easy for me too.. You’ve come this far… You’ll soon be done.. Hang in there.

  3. Wow it’s simple and cool.. Been following your blog for a while.. No disappointment… 🎩

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