Print Ties & Sunny Beaches

Hey there 🙂

How are you?   Hope your week’s been great?  I trust!  afterall its the holidays.  Lol well not for this chap sadly, just wrote a Microbiology paper this morning and I have another one, Clinical Psychology 2 days to Christmas! Ridiculous isn’t it? The busy life of a medical student, but thankfully there’s Music meets Runway later that evening, hopefully I’ll be able to make it.


Anyway, I was at Tarkwa Bay , Victoria island a couple of days back, went with a friend to check the site out for a pre-wedding shoot actually but then it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day so we decided to do a little something which wasn’t exactly planned but here you go Lol.

I was so lucky to have gone with my hat, the sun was killing!!!!!

It’s a really beautiful place tho, I have to say, the water, the shore, the trees, the rocks, God is such an artist really! I was obviously not going to chill or for a swim so I appeared rather formal but Hey! i actually did appreciate the contrast, sometimes that’s what you need.




The highlight of my outfit was the Print tie. I love love print ties for a thousand and one reasons. Maybe because they’re that touch of Glam in my tuned down formal outfits or because they allow for a much more comfortable and into place choice of details, Burgundy in this case. They add that little but significant drama to your outfit even when you’re going Neutral. I have an enormous collection of them, they come very much in handy and I appear like this to school most of the time as well so Yeah!




I think Print ties are cool, really cool! the right ones tho. And its nice to see that more people are picking it up, so if you havent tried one before, you should. Maybe not a tie, maybe some other piece of detail, the right print just Slays!! There are thoe not so dramatic types and the Kevin Hart kinda drama types, whichever suits what you’re wearing better will definately be Spot on!







So that’s it for today, have a great day!

Feel free to comment, whats your take on Print ties and prints generally.  I’d appreciate that.

Photos – Exposure by Seyifunmi.


31 thoughts on “Print Ties & Sunny Beaches

  1. Nice combination. Well it always is. Really don’t know how you combine so many different colors and still get it right. Nice!

  2. Love d print ties,dey r rili beautiful but it takes a confident fashion conscious guy to rock dat look nd u did it very well. Welldone

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