Hey guyss 🙂 What’s up? Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers, Hope we’re having a lovely holiday 😀 .. I’m not sure if this is the one where everybody kills a cow but just email me my own if you’re killing one. I’m not even playing. Lol Okay I’m playing. Make sure you enjoy … Read more

Danshiki x Denim

Heeeyyyyy guyysssssss!! 😀 .. Lol err it’s my Birthday so I have the right to be excited 😉 .. So yeah, another year added and I’m nothing but Thankful, to God for the gift of life and his mercies, for family and very importantly for you guys because you’re family as well! All the support, … Read more


Hey guysss 🙂 .. How are you doing? Hope you’re having a wonderful week? I’m sure you are. Been having a pretty tough time in school here, doing this clinical course that can be really stressful sometimes but hey, it’s all for a set goal so gotta keep keeping on. Also had a little challenge … Read more


Hey guys, how are we doing? 🙂 Happy Democracy day and Congratulations on our new government, hopefully they’ll be better than the last. God bless Nigeria. So this weekend, I decided to put a post up on one of my favorite trends this season, done one previously but I added a little something just for … Read more


Hey guys, how are you doing? Hope you had a lovely week 🙂 was home for the most of mine and I loved every bit of it lol, it was nice being away from all the stress in school for a while, very nice! So by now I’m sure you guys know about my love … Read more

Essentials – The Waistcoat

Hi guys. How are you doing? Hope you had a lovely week and Cheers to the weekend! 😀 .. Picked out one of the wardrobe essentials today and it is the waistcoat. The diversity it offers, is but one of the many benefits of having a waistcoat in your wardrobe. The waistcoat is one of … Read more