P I N K – A Fashion Editorial

Certain shades of colour have a subtext, and Pink is one of those colors that is always under represented in a man’s wardrobe. And that’s actually a shame. Because when deployed properly – rather than as an afterthought – pink is personality. Wearing pink automatically tells people you’re a confident character. Its absence from most outfits means it stands out in yours and, so long as you wear it properly, it’s a statement that flatters.

The notion of men in pink has oscillated in and out of acceptance over the last century. In the shape of a pink Oxford shirt, it’s become a prep staple, ideally paired with white or off-white trousers to make it pop. For fans of the blazer and pocket square, it’s a summer look seemingly impervious to trends.

But for this editorial, we’re not talking about a corporate way to pull off the color Pink! This time, we’re going casual .. As casual as it gets with a pink bomber jacket.

As military inspired subcultures’ styles swing back into fashion, this is a look worth tapping. Bomber jackets have been given a luxe update in recent years, with both designers and high street brands alike reworking them in premium colors such as pink, and if you’re looking for an easy throw-on statement piece, a Pink bomber could be just the ticket.

A bomber jacket may not be the most obvious choice to layer over formal wear, but it can look just as sharp as a blazer. I opted for a proper oxford shirt to be worn under this bomber to express this. It gives the whole look a very casual but semi formal vibe, paired with the distressed jeans and a pair of white shoes, rather than sneakers as would have been expected.

Despite appearing punchy, pink’s no struggle to slot into what you already wear. It plays especially well with the masculine colours you’re already repping like blue for example.

Real men wear pink. And since they do it with confidence, you can too. Just make sure it’s the right one for you, and that you’re careful with its placement.

Do you already wear pink? If so, how do you get it into your outfits? And are there shades of pink which no man – despite his steely self-esteem – can pull off?

Thank you so much for reading guys, I appreciate your audience as always. Don’t forget to drop your comments, let me know what you think about this topic of men and pink 🙂

Bomber Jacket – @officialtinathan
Photos – @thelexash
Distressed Jeans – @asos

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  1. Haha I like it, real men wear pink. I totally agree, in as much as they wear it well, because if not, …

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