Lagos Fashion and design week 2014 – The Runway.

It was a sunny day, on wednesday the 29th of October 2014 the Lagos Fashion and design week 2014 kicked off.
It took place at the Federal Palace hotel from the 29th of October till the 1st of November. I was there the day before when preparations were on and you could already feel the electricity in the air.
I got there at about 5pm on wednesday and Wow! I’ve been to Federal Palace for one thing or the other a couple of times but this time it was different. Totally different. The atmosphere was amazing. The marquee tents were swarming with photographers, media personnel, Tv presenters, designers, stylists, bloggers, fashion enthusiasts, just name it!!  And the street style man! People were dressed to their toes.
I immediately started seeing many of my friends I hadn’t seen in a while and even friends from social networks. Trust me it was exciting.
There were cameras everywhere. Lol like literally. So after a bit of chitchat, interviews and red carpet photos, the show finally started.
Day 1 featured the Fashion Focus finalists and some other designers like Orente Ayaba, April by Kunbi, Phunk Afrique, Soboye, and many more. Breathtaking outfits were displayed on the runway that people literally had to stand up to applaud some of the designers. Impressive. And yeah, front row baby! Lol I could actually spot myself in some of the runway pictures.
We’ll be having some runway pictures from all 4 days and these are the ones from Day 1.

Wierz Duhm.


 April by Kunbi. I sooo love this dress.


Phunke Afrique. Loved when Funke did her walk with this little cutie.


Orente Ayaba.


Lol Shoe game with Cassie Daves .
Gozel green.


And RAYO slayedd




Selfiee with Bayo of Orange culture.

Day 2 started pretty slowly for me. I had a very hectic day at school so I got there late. Very late. Missed all the red carpet Glam, Lol well it was actually a green carpet but Hey, at least I didn’t miss the show, and I had so much fayrouz, like gallons, there was just fayrouz everywhere Lol maybe God made me come late for the fayrouz (.__.).
Anyway I was particularly excited about day 2 because there was a lot of menswear, Mcmeka, Kenneth Ize, and the like. Other designers that showcased were Dzyn,  Mi-le, Grey and others.

Abiku by Team Elan.








Kenneth Ize.


Selfiee with Cassie .


Washington Roberts.




Maki Oh.

Yas! Day 3 was funn!! I got there earlier today. Lol once bitten, twice shy. Anyway I had time to hang around with friends for a while. Friday was a very colorful day, street style was spot on, prints everywhere and as if it was planned I did some dull colour blocking with prints too. Oh by the way Ill be sharing pictures of what I wore in my next post 🙂 I also met the amazing Yagazie Emezi. She’s so down to earth. She was like Hiiii I love your shirt, can I take a picture and in my head I’m like if only you could see the butterflies in my tummy right now lol, in my head oh.
The runway today was amazeballs! Orange culture, Tsemaye Binite, Iconic invanity, Kiki Kamanu,  I was absolutely blown awayy.
Lol your turn to be blown away.

Lisa Folawiyo.


Orange culture.




Tsemaye Binite


Selfiee with the cool kids!

Day 4!!!! The Grand Finale.Well first we started quite late today which wasn’t very cool but then it was worth the wait.  The venue was swarminggg with people today and being the grand finale that was understandable.  Everybody was here! Even the big money names like Aliko Dangote , Otedola,  Mrs Fashola, the show today was beautifullllll. More menswear today with the likes of Mai Atafo and the Okunoren twins. I loved the part where Mai took a selfie with his models after the runway session, and the twins did a tribute to Remi Lagos and they made black a different type of beautiful.

Ituen basi


Bridget Awoshika


Shoe game ft empty fayrouz cup -__-
Mai Atafo.


Lool yass! Mai Atafo’s selfie moment on the runway.
Ade Bakare


Lanre Da Silva Ajayi.


Okunoren twins tribute collection to Remi Lagos.


All in all, it was a very beautiful experience which I’m definitely not forgetting soon. If you missed it this year you shouldn’t miss the next, it’s worth it, really. Met a lot of amazing people,  the baddest of the baddest Lol.  The next one should hurry.
Ill be posting about my outfits for all 4 days in my next post so Anticipate!!
Lol thank you for reading. Appreciate it. Feel free to drop your comments on what you like and what you don’t.

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