INAUGURAL CONFERENCE – Periodontologists Association of Nigeria.

Hey guys! 😊 .. You’re probably wondering why I have a photo that doesn’t look like an outfit on this post 😅 .. We’ll that’s because I have something IMPORTANT to share with you guys, and no it’s not fashion this time 😉

On the 8th of February, 2018, at the Alumni Center of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, the Periodontologists Association of Nigeria would be holding her annual Inaugural Conference, this year with the theme “CONTEMPORARY SURGICAL TECHNIQUES IN THE MANAGEMENT OF PERIODONTAL DISEASES”

Just in case you might be wondering what this has to do with you, periodontal diseases are one of the commonest cas uses of pain from the mouth, and it is all so important to take proper care of our mouth, relevant information on how to do this and recent advances as well would be shared at the conference, by highly respected specialists in their fields .. trust me guys, it’ll be totally worth it 😊

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