Green with Envy x 20:23 Shoes x Vinta Con Ng

Hey guyss 😊 .. Good day!! How are you doing? Trust the year’s been off to a great start. πŸ˜‰

Straight to today’s editorial 😊 .. It says green with envy so the color palette is an important part of this look, but it is actually way more than that.

Quite a lot of people would spontaneously be rather negative about the color green in fashion, too mainstream maybe? But there are more shades of green than most people realize and it’s one absolutely distinct hue to style!

A few editorials ago, I worked with the olive green palette, but it’s pretty much lighter this time, and not just with the color, different kinds of prints and patterns, from the hat to the camoflague details.

An almost nude shade of green, the sweat shirt ( from @vintaconng ) creates a neutral blend with the distressed jeans which then allows for dramatic detailing, with this in mind, how do you maintain this palette, in a rather distinct fashion.

There are two points to note from the styling of this outfit? First is the African vibe given by the hat in this look and yes, it’s an β€œOwambe” hat πŸ˜… .. The hat is made of the popular printed damask, and how else do you bring drama appropriately this season than infusing some Afrocentrism.

Other than that, the shoes! Camoflague and Bespoke! I actually love bespoke shoes, I almost prefer them to the branded ones for many reasons actually, this pair was crafted to perfection by the Bespoke Shoes brand @_shop2023 ., the unique fabric, finishing and form was just what this look needed to be exceptional .. And a brand that can make shoes this good should definitely be spoken about πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Twitter: @__2023
Instagram: @_shop2023

Thanks so much for reading guyss 😊 .. Thank you for your support always! Feel free to drop a comment, say a thing or two πŸ˜‰ .. Have the best day!

10 thoughts on “Green with Envy x 20:23 Shoes x Vinta Con Ng

  1. Akin you always seem to amaze me,although this is my first time of commenting cuz I’ve been like a silence fan. You really inspire me a lot that sometimes I wish its possible to see you but all the same I know ill see u someday keep doing what you’re doing Gods got you

  2. This look is everything! ❀ the damask hat…
    P.s You’re looking like a crown prince in your portraits.

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