For the love of Hats

Not once, not twice, I’ve heard people refer to me as, Oh! I know him, that guy that’s always wearing hats lol, I actually see that as a compliment, I love hats, very much, I have a damn! That guy/girl’s a fashion killer first impression of someone that’s dressed impeccably and has a hat on, but then it’s not just any hat.


A Hat makes clothing identifiable, dramatic, and most importantly Stylish. It’s the cherry on the cake, the dot on the ‘i’, the exclamation mark, that piece of detail that absolutely nails the outfit and that’s even apart from the many uses a Hat has.
You can’t possibly talk about fashion, of then or of now without emphasis on hats. Lol even the cave men had hats of some sort and over the years hats have revolved, going out of trend and right back into trend, the boater Hat especially, a Hat of absolute class in the 20’s, remember the great Gatsby? Exactly! Became a school uniform around the 60’s and is back in the game now, so they don’t really go away, they’re just somewhere in the corner.
There are lotss of hats, different kinds, Fedoras, porkpies, boater hats, trilby hats, boater hats,panama hats, baker boy hats, i can go on and on lol but what’s important in your choice of them is the Hat that suits your personal Style. Don’t wear a Hat because everybody’s wearing it, wear it because when you do and you look at yourself in the mirror,you’re like Yes! This is my Hat.
So these are my favorite hats at the moment in no particular order.

This hats takes my mind back to Jay Gatsby. It is my epitome of dapper! And I love it especially because I can wear it in almost any way, carrying it in hand alone gives this confidence.



Now this is a Statement! The wider the brim of your Hat,the louder your statement. It’s so comfortable and Mega – stylish!



I wear this one very often, it’s my definition of Casual. I’m not a big fan of snapbacks, it has to be spectacular for me to like it lol so bucket hats do the trick.


Sometimes wide, sometimes not. I particularly love the small one because of it’s simplicity, I just slip it on and I’m ready to go!

capturedbySeyifunmi07068240423-0245 - Copy

Nick Carraway in the Great gatsby made this Hat look good to me, it’s quite mainstream in this part of the world so I didn’t really like it but if you wear it properly, Damn!


So there you have it guys 🙂
Oh! Wait..
It’s an atrocity to talk about Hats without mentioning my personal hat Legends,

King of the boater Hat! Dapper in all it’s glory. Leonardo di Caprio slayed this one.


Another King! Lol Pharell is the Drama. He has worn them all, the coolest, the hats that makes him look like a fresh man at Hogwarts school of wizardry, his hats even have holes in them now




Now she is Bae, its just that she doesn’t know yet ;-( Lol! I love everything about this girl’s fashion sense, and her music as well,she wears hats and she wears them well!



Lol so there you go guys, if you’re not the biggest fan of hats you should try them sometime, trust me!
Have a great weekend guys 🙂
I’m sure we have different views about hats so do well to drop a comment on what your take is, all you need is an E-mail to comment.
Adios! And don’t stop slaying.

42 thoughts on “For the love of Hats

  1. oh wow! I’m already in love with this site. From the layout of the blog to the author. Your style is really cool, different, and classy. really cool. I don’t know a lot of male fashion bloggers that I like and stick to their blogs but this one is a yes! Nice one..


  2. Used to love the fedora .. Lost Interest when it got stolen lol… But nice write-up.. Maybe my love for hats will be reignited 😉

  3. Wow you having AMAZING style Akin, I was very impressed when browsing through your blog! While I used to know next to nothing about men’s fashion, lately I’ve become an avid fan and like keeping up with it. And I completely agree about hats being amazing fashion accessories for any outfit– I often feel lost without something on my head nowadays! Especially since it’s getting really cold where I live (Vancouver, Canada) and your ears freeze without a nice beanie or wide-brimmed hat. I am always impressed by guys who can wear hats (other than the usual baseball caps) well and you certainly do so!

    xx Debbie

  4. Aww thank you Debbie, really appreciate it and Lol sorry about the cold, it’s not so cold down here but you can always turn situations like that to a fashion statement y’know 😉
    Have a nice day.

  5. Rily cool post,neva thought i’d b so captivated Jst readin abt hats . Makes me eager 4 d nxt *anticipating* 😀

  6. Hats just add edge and class to every outfit. I need the wide brim fedora in my life right now

  7. Oga.. biko come dash me that boater hat na…and d fedora. what re friends for. Lol

    Thanks to you I fell for fashion! lol.. Hats..Prints and all what not!

    Great blog! Great guy! Great style!
    What else do u want @ladies???

  8. Hats suit you so well Akin, I have always felt like they were the extra ‘ummph’ needed to brazen up an outfit, but with you they seem to be the slight signature that people associate you with. The hat in the first picture does it for you.

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