Colors & Prints x 313 Eko Shoes x Coz Designs x San Brnks

Heyy guyss, Happy Sunday! Trust you guys are doing great, lovely weekend and all that 😉 .. Sure y’all are!

Guys! Remember the editorial on the Art of Mixing patterns? I remember I mentioned that there’s also a less complicated but equally fashion forward art of mixing colors and prints, and I promised to create an editorial with this as  the basis, so here we are .. Enjoy the ride 😉

It seems that as males we have an innate disposition compared to our female counterparts when it comes to color. It scares us. Confuses us. Gives us that dizzy feeling not unlike vertigo. This often results in the modern day man we see who prefers to stick to neutral tones like black, white and grey which, let’s be honest… is pretty boring. But luckily, you don’t need to be a woman to understand how to wear color, you just need to understand the color wheel.

There are the basic colors that can be referred to as hues. If you add white or black to these then they will change in hue yet again; for example violet and white will make lavender while black with purple will make plum, but let’s  not going into all that detail now, what’s important for this editorial is how to combine colors with prints.

Except the prints are monochrome, most prints are usually very colorful, they comprise of a lot of patterns in different colors, understanding this is key to appropriately combining with a plain color. Your first and safest option of styling an outfit which has prints as a component is combining with neutral colors, you might not look spectacular, but you won’t go wrong.

But HEY! We’re fashion forward right? Sometimes we want to make it more fun, even more daring, if you belong to this category, the first step is studying the prints, look closely at all the colors, and pick one, that’ll serve as the foundation for your styling. I personally like to pick the color that is least prominent, for example, Blue in my outfit, hence why my shirt is blue.

Of course, it wasn’t enough to just close the books just there, as someone that’s always very interested in details, my attention switched to those, i wanted a laid back  but still dapper vibe, so i opted for suspenders, rather than the conventional belt, wristwatch (check), neck piece (check) .. and finally, to a very important part of my outfit .. Footwear!

Who else has noticed it appears I have a thing for sandals nowadays? All thanks to @313eko .. Summarily put, they  opened my eyes to see the light Lol .. I’ve never really been a fan of sandals but then I stopped to think and asked myself, Why exactly? .. and there was really no reason, which I found interesting. So I gave it a try, and no  regrets at all ( Morale – Sometimes you have to dare to )

For this editorial, I used a pair of leather Fringe Sandals with Fur details crafted to perfection by the bespoke brand, @313eko .. It might be true that sandals, in the global men’s fashion industry stopped being a fashion choice around the time German tourists adopted them as a uniform, but recently, In a piece of re branding Justin Bieber would kill for, sandals have become an honest-to-goodness trend and infiltrated every major runway this season, so really guys .. Why not?

And contrary to prejudice, they’re not solely made for native outfits, create a sartorial irony, wear it with a dapper outfit, its not impossible.

Still in the spirit of perfectly crafted leather, let’s talk about one of my favorite and essential part of this look, my Coz leather bag. If you’re not new here, I’m sure you must have seen my previous collaborations with this brand @coz_designs and the reason we keep collaborating is all jumbled up in one word .. Quality!!

I opted for a folder for this look for the reason of making the look feel even more dapper than it would with just the suspenders .. perfect for work and when you don’t wish to carry a bulky bag, a folder would just be perfect, what’s more, it’s Nigerian made and is of quality thats comparable anywhere.

These beautiful photos were taken by @adaezeihebom .. I especially appreciate her bright, creative and beautiful mind, so just in case you need a photographer that possesses these qualities, feel free to reach out.

Thank you so much for reading guys .. I deeply appreciate your support, do drop your comments on what you think about the looki, would you have styled it differently? How? Let’s talk 🙂

Have a lovely day and an amazing week guys .. God bless you.

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  1. Beautiful post man 👌.tried something like this recently but was too basic, now I can make it more fun and even more daring 😀. Also congrats on being NSFD ambassador.

  2. So akinI decided to try what you said out and I’ve got to say I’m living the concept…. Thanks dude

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