CHEERS! .. Smart Casual x Rele Art Gallery.

How do you dress to an Art Exhibition? What do you wear?
Art Exhibition or not, what you choose to wear adds up to your personal style, and if you have an in-depth understanding of what fashion is and also what your personal style represents, then you’d most likely have it really easy picking the most appropriate outfit 😊

I was invited to the private viewing of the Open Secrets collection by Sam Ebohon at the Rele Art Gallery, Onikan Lagos earlier this week, and of course, I had to come up with an appropriate look for the exhibition 😊


For me, certain questions ensued. Tee, jeans and sneakers? Nahh, not really feeling that for this. Too casual. Or maybe a complete suit? Doesn’t work either, too formal .. But then, there’s smart casual, and that’s something that blends both the former and the latter .. Perfect? .. Yes, Perfect! 😊


So how then do you style a Smart Casual look for an Art Exhibition. Art! Let’s probably take advantage of the theme. Fashion is Art, so this is territorial!


A major expression of Art in Fashion is through prints, preferably unique prints, so the newspaper print pants would be just right, it’s smart casual, so a round neck tee instead of an Oxford shirt, a black jacket and black shoes!


And there it is guys 😊 .. We just put together an event appropriate outfit πŸ˜‰

I really hope you’re having a wonderful week .. Do enjoy the rest of it. Thank you for reading and feel free to drop your comments, I’d love to read them as always πŸ’›

Photos – Kunle Hasstrup

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  1. great guy, heard so much about you but today i decided to invade your site to actually confirm the rumor yet it turn out to be true , a feel from your blog is like a taste of a creamy chocolate.
    but hen i need to know ? who is your hair stylist that gives you that perfect gentleman with africanished bold and cute look , am dieing to meet

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