The CRAVAT comeback .

Most things are better appreciated when we know their history. The things we love, Music, Art, Sports, Science and a lot of other things and Fashion especially, with it’s richness in history, isn’t left out either. Hope you guys are having a great week 🙂  been so so busy here, tests here and there but … Read more

2014 in Style.

What a year! 2014 was definitely a beautiful year style-speaking. It had soooo much to offer and that I can only be thankful for. I started this blog this year as well and you guys have been soo amazing!!! What would I even do without you? This year had me harness an even more creative … Read more

Print Ties & Sunny Beaches

Hey there 🙂 How are you?   Hope your week’s been great?  I trust!  afterall its the holidays.  Lol well not for this chap sadly, just wrote a Microbiology paper this morning and I have another one, Clinical Psychology 2 days to Christmas! Ridiculous isn’t it? The busy life of a medical student, but thankfully there’s … Read more

The Debonaire collection.

Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great 🙂 .. So today i’m talking about one of the collections I’ve styled and I wanna let you guys in on some of the things I did. The Debonaire collection is by the clothing line brnks clothing and the lookbook was styled by Akin Faminu. A debonaire person is … Read more