BRACE UP x The Indulgence x Westbrook Bracelets

Heey guyss, how are you doing? Hope you had the best week!! Well even if you didn’t, it’s finally Friday!! Lol I honestly need this weekend personally.

So today, let’s move into the accessories department guys, let’s have a chat about braces/suspenders .. It’s been a long time coming. But before we go into too much depth I want to just outline the concept that I’m trying to get across with these coming articles.

It is true that the details make the gentleman, but what’s even truer is that too many details make a great big mess. By this I mean that the accessories you wear should be used to individualize an outfit, they should not become part of your outfit.

So, with this in mind, let’s start at the very bottom of the ladder with the choices a man faces when it comes keeping his trousers up. Do you go with a belt or braces? Now I’m sure most of you out there do not consider braces as an option, you either go belted or without, right?

You’re not wrong, but in the last couple of years they have started to make a major come back.

Thin clip on braces can channel a great punk rock vibe, whilst wider buttoned versions give a more preppy feel. But regardless of whether you clip or button there are a few things you need to remember. Firstly, be mindful of your wardrobe! Try to keep the braces in in colors that won’t clash with what you pair them with so it doesn’t create a rather unnecessary distraction.

The braces I used for this editorial is off the collection of the Nigerian Accessories brand, The Indulgence.

Styled with a chambray shirt, brown pants and nude shoes, there’s a calmness about the way the colors were combined. Apart from the colors, I also created this editorial with the intention of channeling 90’s fashion, especially because braces were massively in trend in that fashion season, expressed in both the styling and the architectural feel of the location.

Still talking about accessories, it’s not news that the details of a look make the look or mar it, and they are especially useful in passing messages across. I also paid special attention to my neck piece and bracelet in this outfit, the neck piece was the one piece of detail that made the whole outfit have an ‘Afrocentric’ vibe still. Carved distinctly with a bata drum design (Yoruba Talking Drum), it clearly communicates African culture. The neck piece is by the brand (@afriklilobracelets) and the bracelet by (@westbrookbracelets).

So there you have guys, Let’s bring back the Suspenders trend, it’s a lot more daring and interesting than the very safe belts we’re used to. And if you really don’t like braces that’s fine, why not try clipping them on but letting them hang? It has the same effect as an untied bow tie, no one has to know you were never going to use it properly. But an important point to remember guys, spread this word far and wide, it’s belts OR braces not AND. For the love of God, those two should never be used at the same time!

I hope you appreciate the aesthetics of the editorial guys, it’s important to grow, to improve the standard, to make more effort, and to be more creative. Thank you always for your support. God bless you!

Photography by @___tse (Thompson Ekong)

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  1. What I love about you is your originality and determination, your pictures have this international standard. God bless you for making us proud Akin.

    From a Secret Admirer

  2. The location makes the entire piece practically look out of this world. I’m going there for holiday😂

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