BOLD IN PRINTS x Dapmod x Damsco

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How you doing? Hope we’re all doing great! 😀
Welcome to November baby! wish you all the best of this beautiful month.

So today, I’d like for us to talk about a not so basic topic, the art of taking risks in fashion with major focus on Prints!


Let’s be honest, prints and patterns can be tricky,  really tricky, and if you’ve built a classic, timeless and versatile capsule wardrobe, it can be difficult to make a decision on how to perfectly go bold in Prints, rather, the easier option is incorporation of Print details, but then again, how else do you make a fashion statement if you’re not ready to go bold?


I wore the outfit in this editorial to the First day of the just concluded Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2015  ( which was amazing by the way ) and in literal terms it’s a suit made from Bold Newspaper Print fabric.


Sure, a Suit like this is already a statement, but there are two sides to statement fashion pieces and the most important consideration is the Styling!
You can either look like a Fashion disaster or be a huge fashion inspiration with the same statement outfit.


Specifically speaking, because of how bold the prints in this ensemble are, it’s best for the detailing to be plain and simple just like I used Burgundy details here, for the Tie, the Pocket detail and the Lapel pin.


It’s also important to accessorize properly, not overly. Wristwatches, Collar pins, Tie clips come in handy, especially when you’re trying to achieve a Dapper look.



Apart from the styling, Fit is always King! Make sure your outfit fits perfectly, and pay attention to the shoes, everything matters, even your confidence!


Topped up the outfit with a pair of Aviator shades from Dapmod. It’s no news that aviators are in trend this season so why not?


Dapmod is an Eyewear brand, based in Nigeria and the have the coolest kinda eyewear! If you like what you see, you can check them out on Instagram, twitter, or snapchat .. all @Dapmod to place your orders 🙂


And due to popular demand lol the suit was made by a friend of mine .. Damsco clothing .. fell in love with the unique Prints and I’m sure you like it as well so if you wanna contact him, you can do that here .. 08061378585


So step out in Statement Style every now and then, and when taking risks, don’t ever forget the important details .. They’re everything!

I’d like to know what you guys think about the outfit  🙂  .. Are you bold enough to pull this off?

Have a lovely day guys, wish you the best of the month.

Photocredit – @Rey_cortez @Bellanaija @Stylevitae @Pulsenigeria247

44 thoughts on “BOLD IN PRINTS x Dapmod x Damsco

  1. Every fashion trend today started off as a risk….. But I must say that urs was a calculated risk and can’t wait to see it trending…… Keep the flag flying bro

  2. I love, I love, I love…..artistic, insane, mindblowing,daring,beautiful,breathtaking…I can totally rock dis….thumbs up bro

  3. In life, it is good to take risks. Akin has taken a risk. He wore prints that brought good news. 🙂 Good job fam, the sky is your starting point. God be with you.

  4. Wow!! This should really trend. When I saw this, I was like who could think of this? Newspaper print fabric!!! Its really ‘dope’, am a big fan so youre like my ‘man style crush’ (if there’s anything like that). So I want to ask if there was any reason why the collar pin is not underneath the tie knot?

  5. ????????????,Nice distinct look…The combination of accessories gave an applause to the outfit…nice fashion risk taken,dapper look gotten…#naijaboyskillingit.

  6. Print Designs are selective But You wore the prints and it gave a stunning look ….Applause to your fashion sense

  7. true if you don’t take risks you will never be stylish . pls kindly check my Instagram page @mips__ and tell me what you think about my dressing and corporate style .I will really appreciate it.THANKS

  8. Wow! It’s a long time i’ve been here. But I couldn’t resist this one. You really killed it Akin. “The printed suit”.

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