Hey guys, how are we doing? 🙂 Happy Democracy day and Congratulations on our new government, hopefully they’ll be better than the last. God bless Nigeria. So this weekend, I decided to put a post up on one of my favorite trends this season, done one previously but I added a little something just for … Read more


Hey guys, how are you doing? Hope you had a lovely week 🙂 was home for the most of mine and I loved every bit of it lol, it was nice being away from all the stress in school for a while, very nice! So by now I’m sure you guys know about my love … Read more

Essentials – The Waistcoat

Hi guys. How are you doing? Hope you had a lovely week and Cheers to the weekend! 😀 .. Picked out one of the wardrobe essentials today and it is the waistcoat. The diversity it offers, is but one of the many benefits of having a waistcoat in your wardrobe. The waistcoat is one of … Read more

Perspective – A B E R R A N T

Hey guys 🙂 How are you doing, Hope your week was lovely! I had a really long one here, starting my professional exams pretty soon so it’s been hectic preparing but all good. I had a couple of features since I posted last which you can check out as well 🙂 @ootdmen on instagram, … Read more

Corporate Confidence.

Hey guys, How are you doing? Hope we had a lovely week! I think I did 🙂 Firstly, a post of mine went up on StylemeAfrica earlier this week, you can view it here 🙂 So today, this post goes out to all the week in, week out corporate outfit faithful. Maybe because of … Read more

Retro Vibes – The Mandarin

Heyy! How are you guys doing? Fine? Great? Lol I’m rather stuck in the middle here, been busy with school, phone crashed, though that’s sorted now but Well I still seem to have my fun anyway so not so tilted to one side which is priceless actually. So today we’d be going a little back … Read more