PLAID – A Fashion Editorial

Hey guyss 😊 How’s everyone doing today? Hope you had a wonderful weekend? And hope this week’s been off to a great start as well? So sometime last weekend, I recorded an episode for the Style 101 show on @spicetvafrica .. I’ll probably put up when it’s airing in my next post, so tune in … Read more


It’s no news that Fashion is in love with Art like never before, which in truth is hardly surprising. After all, what is fashion if not Art? This editorial by is a rare fusion between Sartorial Fashion and African Art, expressed through subtle body painting and beaded details. A fusion that creates a dynamic and … Read more

P I N K – A Fashion Editorial

Certain shades of colour have a subtext, and Pink is one of those colors that is always under represented in a man’s wardrobe. And that’s actually a shame. Because when deployed properly – rather than as an afterthought – pink is personality. Wearing pink automatically tells people you’re a confident character. Its absence from most … Read more

Travel In Style x Coz Designs

Smart-casual: two diametrically opposed terms, yoked together by a hyphen to mean… something located somewhere in the vast, nebulous gulf between the two poles. An unholy matrimony of antonyms, smart-casual is ill-defined and even less well understood by most men, but today’s editorial aims at making it just less ambiguous, what really does smart-casual mean, … Read more

The Art of Power Dressing For the Modern Man

The concept of ‘power dressing’ feels obsolete in this day and age. Some people would argue that 21st-century power dressing is wearing what you want: you’re so rich and important that nobody’s going to call you on it. But nobody’s going to respect you for it either. If you actively want to wear bad clothes, … Read more