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Hi guys,


Welcome to my new blog. My name is Akin Faminu. I’m a medical student as well as a fashion stylist. Lol I know that’s not a norm or an expected contrast but yeah, it happened. I have an undying passion for fashion and creativity and even in my very busy schedule I still find time to fuel my passion. So why did I start this up.. it’s killing if you have a bottomless pit of ideas in your head and cannot let them out as much as you can, so why not write them. Share them. Open a blog. People love fashion like you, they’ll relate. Lol so yeah that’s why. Nice to meet you. Yes you! And I do hope you stay.

Akin Faminu.

22 thoughts on “New Blog – Fashion and Style.

  1. Okay can I just say something here..(duh why did you hit the comment box) Lol. I just saw your blog now and this statement about having ideas in your head and not being able to to share!!!!!!!!! Oh Lawd!!!!!! I almost smashed my phone. Like you hit the nail square in the head. Bam!!!! Its so frustrating….thanks for sharing that you just made my year. I’m starting my blog soon though that’s why I’m just like researching. Lovely job.

  2. if there any one who has inspire me uncountable times,its you Akin,,i never take someone hard work for granted,i most say i admire every bit of the bold step you’re re taking,,,been a medical student and same a lover of fashion can be tedious,but yet you balance,,you inspired me to do more,been a follower on IG,,for awhile,just searching for blogs about fashion to know more about how i should go with mine then i stumble on your page,,May God gives you the multiple ideas in thousand folds,,grow brother,we watching and learning,,please support me,i will definitely need coaching from peeps like you,,hope you don’t mind bro?

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