Contemporary 70’s Magic

Hey guyss, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! .. Lol don’t mind my drama but it’s just that I’m so positive about this year and I hope you are too 🙂 .. Beyond the wishes and the new year bliss, the start of a new year also signifies a time to plan, to start afresh if need be, … Read more

Classically Casual x Zerah Tees

Heey guys 😊 .. How are we doing? Hope we’ve had a wonderful weekend? 😊 .. Happy Sunday! I wish the weekend was longer too btw 😩 .. Lol for today’s editorial though, we’re exploring something that’s rather very much overlooked in the fashion hemisphere but ironically is just as important as most of the … Read more

BACKSTAGE MAGIC .. Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016.

Fashion week backstage is a strange behind-the-scenes universe that the everybody doesn’t get to see, everyone sees the beautiful presentations on the runway, amazing makeup, detailed outfits, breathtaking hair, and all of that, but the best fashion show presentations usually have the busiest backstages .. Backstage is where the MAGIC is created! Times have changed, … Read more